The search for sound. We reach a certain point in life that the search for sounds to make records begins to be unproductive. Nothing fills us. Nothing speaks to us… A new sound is a blank sheet of paper. It’s from there that everything is drawn.

From the stimuli we least expect come answers. Like the film “La Grande Belleza” by Paolo Sorrentino that starts with a choir of nine voices that feed the daily routines of so many lives. As if the voices conducted the soundtrack of what we do, of what we are… And if the root of that sound we seek were the human being… The voice. The voices.

The blank sheet of paper found. A chorus on one side, or in the core of the sheet… The multiple voices give the form, the content, the message. The other voice, Sonia’s above all. The lyrics in Portuguese.

The voices that make melody, harmony and rhythm and that say words, carry and elevate the meaning of each phrase…

Life is made of contrasts, of right and wrong things, of good and bad moments, of days and nights… And after the velvet of the human part, the contrast… The roughness of the electronic. Raw, rude, cruel.

“Coral” is born from this encounter. Of this blank sheet that has always been the search for sound. The record came out without warning. It came out of us. We weren’t expecting it. Today’s musician has to follow instincts, but above all respect impulses. Nothing is organized with time. Things come out. You either take advantage of them or you don’t. The “Coral” tour is one of those moments. Unique, that come out of us without warning… Our impulse, to do the right concerts, in the right places. It will be above all out of respect for that which is not foreseen, our impulses. You either take advantage of them or you don’t. Behind the curtain of every theatre and auditorium, a choir that fills the stage, and the Gift. Some clinging to the lyrics, others clinging to the rough laboratory of electronics. “Coral” live is above all a celebration. Of life. Of the impulse. Of us still being here following that which cannot be seen, our instinct.